Мебель Cierre Imbottiti – официальный дилер в России

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47122 Villa Selva, Forlì (FC), Italy
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Factory official dealer Cierre Divani in Russia

What could be better than enjoying a pleasant stay and talking with loved ones on high-quality, elite Italian furniture that can give coziness and comfort?

Cierre — Italian craftsmanship, distinguished by high quality and attention to detail throughout the furniture world. But did you know that Cierre originates in touching family storytelling about ambitions and a passion for craftsmanship?

Gianmaria Konfikoni, the first member of the third generation of the family, summarizes them as follows: “In the late 60s, my grandfather Romano Konfikoni and grandmother Cesarina Konfikoni had a vision — a plan: to create a company to produce high-quality Italian upholstered furniture. Although my grandfather was “burned out” by this thought, he had to devote his energy to another work every day in order to have a stable monthly income.

Thus, you can imagine that leaving a stable job and embarking on a completely unpredictable adventure was a big problem for him. But existential fear ultimately had to give way to enthusiasm and passion.

Therefore, the grandparents decided to take up the project with another business partner. Despite years of successful cooperation, the then partner decided to dissolve the company. This blow of fate led my ancestors to the source: no money, no opportunities, no financially independent companion.

At that moment, my grandparents faced a big dilemma: should they just give up and try again to work as ordinary employees. Or should they again follow their passion and continue to create real masterpieces of the leather furniture world?

Grandfather chose the latter. My grandmother supported him in this decision. So, from the small garage, the story of Cierre began.”

“Life in the skin” is the heart of everything the company does

Today Sierra is a large multidisciplinary company that continues to grow and serve customers in more than 50 countries.

For 40 years, the company has been synonymous with luxury leather furniture from Italy from Conficconi. The exquisite craftsmanship and elegance of the products have built up a reputation for themselves, satisfying the needs of world connoisseurs seeking a unique and exceptional life experience.

The furniture company is a leader in the furniture market for the production of quality leather furniture due to a number of factors.

  1. Production. Craftsmen, craftsmen, furniture makers, designers, and artists work with skill and care, making the most of the teachings of the tradition of craftsmanship to meet the requirements of the modern world.
  2. A place for the design of the future. The company, which has grown in numbers and space, has 130 artisans and more than 12,000 square meters of space, but the spirit of the workshop remains strong. We are all unique and irreplaceable guardians of the future.
  3. The quality that you can feel with every touch. We like to see how Cierre furniture is born, so we carefully monitor all its stages of production, keeping a high brand.
  4. Sole of company. Since we started, technology has greatly improved productivity. But in our company, you can still feel the atmosphere of the past. Only in this way can we offer our customers quality products that preserve all the advantages of hand-made products.
    Unlimited freedom of imagination. Thanks to a strong past and constant focus on researching new styles, we manufacture upholstered furniture and enjoy imagining the future and inventing new applications for antique materials.
  5. Constantly developing the company. A company can grow on its own, or we can grow with it. At Cierre, we always chose the second strategy, and that is how the people working with us became the soul of the company. Grown in our workshop, these people represent the present and future of the production of exquisite designer furniture.
  6. The pursuit of innovation. To allow our business to grow, we work with passion, great attention to detail and a desire for innovation, therefore with the same skills that characterize our approach to the manufacture of Cierre upholstered furniture.
  7. Unbridled imagination. As in the best traditions, a workshop is a natural place where craft and design come together, inextricably linking production and design. And here we express our creativity in full.
  8. Attention to detail. Each product created clearly expresses our philosophy. The extremely high attention to detail demonstrates our ability to produce quality products in all aspects, even those that are usually ignored.
  9. Our work is a vital emotion for us, motivating us to take advantage of the structure of the experience of the past, accumulated over decades, in order to experiment with innovative solutions and successfully solve the tasks of the modern world.

This is how we value the pleasure of presenting, designing, and creating what was not there before. Therefore, buying luxury Italian leather furniture Cierre in Moscow — you are guaranteed to get a unique design, unsurpassed quality, comfort and a stylish interior solution for your living space.