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Babyproofing your Living Room

Having a baby in the house is delightful and precious. The first few years of a child are filled of wondrous moments of learning and creativity. For new parents, making sure that the place where all the fun is happening is safe so that no harm comes to the little one. It seems that wherever babies are present, accidents are bound to happen: that’s why taking some time to examine your living room and babyproofing it is well invested.

Here are some suggestions to make sure your living room is safe for your child:


When children are small they spend a lot of time on the floor, and as they learn how to crawl and walk they fall quite a bit. Putting down soft, thick carpets to make the floor softer will make sure that they don’t hurt themselves when they the inevitable happens.

If you do decide to do this, make sure they are big enough to cover a large area to stop the baby from tripping over the lip of the carpet.


If you have a low coffee table, consider using something soft like a pool noodle to go over the corners and edges of it. This advice is applicable to all and any sharp corners and edges that your child could potentially hit their head on if they trip, fall, or bump into.

Another solution is to remove the coffee table completely and store it in another room, or keep it in storage for the first few years of the baby’s life, that way, you know for certain there will be no accidents.


Electrical outlets are very dangerous with young children. They are very curious and love to explore. This could lead them to stick their fingers in a socket, leading to serious injury or even death. Make sure they are not only covered, perhaps, by a piece of furniture like a table or a bureau, but that you buy the covers that make sure they are completely covered.


If you have fragile or breakable knick knacks low enough for a child to grab, the easy fix is to just move them higher up so they are out of reach, or put them safely away in storage for the time being.  Once your child gets older, you’ll be able to move things back to their original spot!

Secure doors and cabinets

Kids love to open and close doors, whether that be cabinet doors or actual doors. This can cause injury to them and others if fingers get caught. Find childproof locks that can go on the cabinets to make sure they can’t open them and special inserts for doors to keep safely them open permanently.

You can also line the door frame with foam so that if the door does accidently close on little fingers, they will not be damaged.

Secure windows

If your windows are at a level that your children can reach them, consider having childproof locks installed or bars on the window, especially if you live in a high rise apartment.

Secure fireplaces

Fires and babies don’t mix well. But if you do have a fireplace and want to use it while your baby is small, always keep an eye on your child and make sure you have a barrier that will keep any unwanted children near the open fire.

Secure tall furniture

Furniture doesn’t just topple over for no reason, however if pushed or pulled or climbed on, a tall piece of furniture could potentially fall and squash your child. An easy fix for this is to attach them to the wall so that they stay put no matter what.

Secure electrical cords

Electrical cords pose more than one risk. If they are laying around they could cause a child to trip and fall, but if cut, bit or ripped, could cause a much bigger problem. Make sure they are out of the way, hidden and secure.

Keep poisonous plants out

If you are a fan of plants, make sure that none of the ones you have or plan to introduce will become a problem if you child tries to eat it. As we have mentioned, kids will put anything in their mouths, so make sure that none of your plants are poisonous is a great way to keep your child safe!

As you can see, there are many thing to take into consideration when babyproofing your home. Of course, depending on your home, some of these things might not apply to you and we might have missed some. Before the baby comes, take some time to go through your home and spot places where baby could get in trouble, but don’t be hard on yourself if you miss something and have to rectify once baby arrives. It’s a learning curve! Give yourself permission to adapt once your baby is home and always make sure to keep an attentive eye on your little one!