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Biggest trends of 2018, and how Cierre can help!

Decorating a home is much more than finding furniture to fill a space. It’s about creating a mood, a scene in which to live your life. Even though we know that trends come and go, we still want to have a home that reflects the ideas of the world we live in. It’s about creating a balance between what is in and what is you.

With this article we want to share with you a few of the trends that are in full swing for 2018 so you can pick and choose the ones that work best for you and your style. Mix, match and everything in between!

Bold and Curved Sofas
Tired of the same old boxy sofas? Ready to add a new dimension into your living room? 2018 has brought some great trends with it, and this one, we love. Couches aren’t traditionally bold or out of the ordinary, they tend to be pretty standard. But we propose you to step outside your comfort zone and change that.

This particular trend challenges you to play with shapes and colors. Instead of going for the same old run-of-the-mill sofa, maybe pick a bold red or blue, something less boxy and more curved. A curvy sofa can replace a sectional with a modern twist and think how perfect it would look in front of a fireplace!

Color isn’t necessarily what you think of when you think of a couch, but trends in 2018 are about breaking free from previous rules. Bold seating and geometric chairs are what people in the Instagram world are looking for: spaces that pop and that are visually interesting.

Cierre offers couches in a wide array of colors, from electric blue with orange trimming to hot pink. You decide what bold means to you.

Simplicity and minimalism are big trends in 2018, and it’s not less so in home décor. More and more we see spaces that are decorated with only one color family.

It seems almost opposite to the previous section, and it is. These trends aren’t meant to go together, necessarily, they are juxtapositions within themselves. Pick a color, and run with it.

Cierre’s wide selection of colors is guaranteed to match your selected color palette.

Black and wood
In the world of hardware we are seeing the tides turn from brass and rose gold back to black and brass combined with bleached walnut cabinets and furniture. These two offer a great contrast, the harshness of the black metal with the softness of a wood making a modern yet stylish statement.

Geometric and crafty art
Echoing on the simplistic and minimalist color palettes that are on the rise in 2018, so is the art. We are seeing a lot of abstract, geometric art that combines to perfection with a sleek and modern aesthetic that a monochrome palette brings as well as the bleached wood.

On the other side of the spectrum, though still maintaining a simplistic vibe is crafty art. More and more people are looking to buy things that look like they could’ve made themselves. In a world where it’s easier than ever to get a hold of one-of-a-kind, artisanal pieces, they are slowly making their way back to the shelves and corners of people’s homes.

Think pendant lighting with a fringe; a great contrast of a minimalistic interior. 2018 is all about mixing and matching styles and a fringe reads carefree and bohemian that when juxtaposed with a very restrained décor can create a magical space.

Whether you are looking for trendy or new ideas that could fit within your personal aesthetics, these tips will definitely help bring new light into and old space. From an electric blue sofa to homemade pottery and art, the key is to mix styles to create a modern look.

Cierre has a great selection of chairs, couches and sectionals in bright and bold colors with different finishes and styles.