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Babyproofing your Living Room

Having a baby in the house is delightful and precious. The first few years of a child are filled of wondrous moments of learning and creativity. For new parents, making sure that the place where all the fun is happening is safe so that no harm comes to the little one. It seems that wherever […]

Biggest trends of 2018, and how Cierre can help!

Decorating a home is much more than finding furniture to fill a space. It’s about creating a mood, a scene in which to live your life. Even though we know that trends come and go, we still want to have a home that reflects the ideas of the world we live in. It’s about creating […]

Why leather?

Choosing what material to buy your couch in is definitely not an easy choice. With so many factors that go into making the decision, we are here to pitch our personal favorite: the leather sofa. Leather is a material that we, clearly, love, but why should you? Here are a few reasons why: Easy Maintenance […]