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Beds Cierre

Since 1972, the Conficconi family has managed to create an amazing Cierre furniture factory, which today is the pride and standard of quality leather furniture products. The products created by Cierre are the result of many years of experience, unlimited freedom of imagination and a passion for design.

The contribution of each generation is what helped enrich the company’s experience and reputation and turned Cierre’s unique and original designs into internationally recognized style trends.

The Italians take the family very seriously and, although Cierre is a family business, when they talk about the “family”, they mean all the employees of the company, not just those who have blood relations. They believe that everyone’s synergy is what enables them to constantly present the future and invent new proposals for obsolete materials. Their strong past and constant attention to researching new styles make the company an industry leader.

Cierre beds — Italian elegance in a simple modern design

What you could understand, why are we the best among manufacturers of luxury Italian furniture, we bring to your attention to several features of our leather beds.

  1. The main advantage of a leather bed is that they bring style and elegance to the room. The sleek finishes and clean lines of leather beds are perfect for modern bedrooms.
  2. The fact that the bed is made of genuine leather does not mean that brown is the only color available. Leather is available in any shade from black and chocolate brown to cream and white, so you are sure to find a color that matches the interior of your bedroom.
  3. Leather beds are very easy to clean, they can be wiped with a cloth or vacuum cleaned to remove dust. They can be cleaned well with a damp cloth to remove dirt, and natural soap often eliminates strong stains.
  4. The skin is extremely durable and looks much better with age. Even if your leather bed receives minor scratches, marks or scuffs, it can only improve the appearance of the skin and give it the effect of antiquity, but not worn out and worn out.

If you are looking for a quality designer bed — buying beds from Cierre is the only right decision. Products from this collection are a well-deserved classic in a new modern presentation that can make any room in your house more attractive. While the new Cierre comfort concept is based on its simple, modern design, comfort and elegant design will make your bedroom as attractive, cozy and stylish as possible.