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Compliments Cierre

Cierre specializes in luxurious, contemporary leather furniture, with passion, great attention to detail and the pursuit of innovation, which are the leading values ​​at the core of this Italian family business. Since its founding in 1972, the factory has continued to develop and adapt to this dynamic industry.
With a rich past and a focus on researching new styles and techniques, Cierre is proud to pave the way for future leather products and invent new uses for antique materials. Cierre produces high-quality leather products from modern sofas, bedside tables to designer dining tables and lighting fixtures with leather inserts that are perfect for any environment.

Leather furniture combines the quality and durability of the material used, with its uniqueness and timeless appearance. Genuine leather furniture is often associated with luxury, but it can also be surprisingly affordable.
Our Cierre online store has a huge collection of beautiful, exclusive leather accessories and furniture for arranging absolutely any living space, for your home office and modern office. Whether you are simply looking for a classic leather study chair or a complete living room set, Cierre has leather furniture to suit your request and style.

What can we offer our customers?

The range of the Cierre Compliment collection is quite wide and therefore each customer will be able to choose for himself what he is looking for.

  1. Leather poufs are an ideal option to add exquisite comfort to a living room or play area for children.
  2. Ergonomic and sleek leather sofas bring elegance to any living room interior and make them a piece of furniture that you can pass on to future generations. Keep in mind that leather products require periodic maintenance, like any other high-quality furniture, especially if the house has children and animals.
  3. Shelves and shelves, chests of drawers and cabinets covered with leather will be a great stylish and at the same time practical addition to your office, bedroom or living area.
  4. Coffee tables and dining tables. Tired of wood and metal products? Want to add luxury to your room? Then there is nothing better than to pick up a unique designer coffee table or an exclusive table in the dining area decorated with genuine leather.
  5. Lighting with an insert made of genuine leather is stylish and at the same time practical element of decor.

It doesn’t matter if you ever had leather furniture or dared to do such an experiment for the first time, remember that if you decide to opt for our products and buy Cierre Compliments, be sure that you made the right choice. Comfort and style, practicality and elegance, functionality and luxury are all synonyms of our elite Italian leather furniture.