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Cierre soft furniture collections

Cierre Factory is a unique place for the production of luxury leather upholstered furniture and accessories through creative processes that combine elegance, high quality, art and advanced technologies that introduce old materials into new forms.

The best place to create a good quality design has always been a professional workshop — a unique place where a craftsman could create a real masterpiece from ordinary materials and his talent. Although at present everything seems to have changed, these basic principles are still relevant. The Cierre factory has certainly grown from the very beginning, but the basic methods are still unique and irreplaceable. Each product is the result of the projects that the company has and its vision of the future.

In the beginning, Cierre was like a project implemented by two people who, in the mid-seventies, realized this dream with their family. Today it has already become a dynamic reality within the framework of the European tradition, where the “family business” plays a key role in the economic growth of the country and represents the design “Made in Italy”.
Year after year, Cierre leather upholstered furniture has developed a new trend, with new collections and creative projects that can combine elegance with high quality and art with technique.

“Skin for us is the same as a palette for an artist”

Cierre has been a part of the Italian leather industry since the 1970s, embodying the Made in Italy tradition, quality and design, thanks to its dynamic manufacturing approach and a strong commitment to handmade leather furniture. Thanks to the large technical equipment and an extensive team of craftsmen, Cierre consistently produces creative and at the same time practical leather furniture such as sofas, sectional chairs, sun loungers and beds with a contemporary and unrivaled design.
With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Cierre is one of Italy’s premier companies focused on quality and design, which continues to evolve to meet the needs of people around the world with confidence, respect, and a future-oriented mindset.

Cierre worships the skin because it inspires the design of handmade upholstered furniture. Therefore, the company uses only leather of the highest quality of its own manufacture. This creates the basis for the production of unmistakably valuable designer furniture. Each product must undergo countless and rigorous quality control so that it can be used in a Cierre product.
Based on these beliefs, our company has created four unique Cierre collections.

  1. Sofas. Elegance and practicality, sophistication and comfort — we could all put it together so that at the exit you can enjoy luxury leather furniture and recreate with it the incredible design of your home.
  2. Compliments. This collection contains all the necessary accessories and additional furniture for arranging your living space: tables, poufs, shelving, chests of drawers, lamps, couches and ergonomic, sleek in design sofas. Leather is a material not only for upholstered furniture and this collection is a direct proof of this.
  3. Armchairs will become an indispensable addition to your daytime relaxation area, study, guest room, kitchen / dining room or even a comfortable loggia. Comfort and coziness are all about our leather chairs.
  4. Beds with a soft leather headboard — this is not only chic and stylish, it is primarily practical and comfortable — a minimum of care, but it is always an incredible type of furniture.

We work with competence and care, using the teachings of our craft tradition to meet modern requirements. At Cierre, you will find an exclusive selection of sofas, armchairs, beds and other furniture, individually tailored to your lifestyle. The family business invites you to discover the craftsmanship of an Italian manufacturer of quality furniture.

If you are a big fan of designer leather furniture or just strive to recreate comfort in your home, but without forgetting about the style, then buying luxury furniture Cierre — you make the right choice.