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Designer Cierre Sofas

Cierre — luxury leather furniture and attention to detail. Like many other designer furniture factories, Cierre is an Italian company founded by a true craftsman, a craftsman. Since then, much has changed, while the business has retained its main proposals, these are leather sofas, armchairs, beds, and accessories. Cierre bridges the gap between traditional leather processing and original methods, creating something truly unique to the company. You can see this on our sofas, which not only exude luxury but also tell a unique story, all with their own forces.

The products presented in the collection are actually hand-made by experienced craftsmen with all the individual uniqueness that they bring to the collection.

Why are Cierre leather sofas the best?

All products are created from the best Italian leather of their own production, and according to statistics, they serve their owners 4 times longer than similar products of other furniture houses.

I would also like to note a number of other advantages of Cierre sofas.

  1. Not demanding in service. Soft fabric sofas should be washed or cleaned regularly to keep them fresh. You need to unzip the covers and throw them into the washing machine. With leather sofas, cleaning is faster because you simply use mild soap and water to wipe the furniture, and use a skin cream every six months to keep it in excellent condition. Proper care and a leather sofa can last a lifetime.
  2. Wear resistance. Leather is a naturally thick, durable material. Any scratches on it (caused by pets or otherwise) can be hidden by some varnish for the skin, and the material does not crack. If you spilled something, all you need to do is erase it.
  3. Resistant to odor absorption. This is a clear advantage for pet owners or smokers — the sofa is always fresh and clean.
    Cierre sofas are pride and joy in the segment of the presented collections; they are distinguished by exquisite design, style, and execution. This type of furniture is able to attract and hold attention. Build quality and material superiority “shine” brightly in any context of the interior design of living space, from classic to modern.

Buying Cierre sofas — you get long-lasting comfort and luxury because there is nothing that can compare with high-quality designer furniture.