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Why leather?

Choosing what material to buy your couch in is definitely not an easy choice. With so many factors that go into making the decision, we are here to pitch our personal favorite: the leather sofa.

Leather is a material that we, clearly, love, but why should you?

Here are a few reasons why:

Easy Maintenance
One of the best things about leather is how easy it is to maintain. It doesn’t stain easily and by following a few simple guidelines, you’ll be able to have it in good condition for a long time. Give it a good deep clean once or twice a year and wipe it down every so often and you’re set!

While there is no denying that leather is a delicate material, we are very happy to say that Cierre Imbottiti sofas do not need any special care: an occasional dusting is enough and, twice a year, a deeper clean with the products that come with the cleaning kit that is gifted with the sofa will be enough to keep the leather in tip top condition for as long as possible.

The regular Clean Kit includes:

A cleaner: an emulsion that removes stains.
A smoothing cream: for the stain post-treatment.
It is extremely easy to use the regular Clean Kit: first you treat the stain with the cleaner and then you use the smoothing cream to buff up the area. That’s all: two simple actions and your sofa is as good as new!

The new Clean Kit Plus by Cierre comes with any purchase of the Windsor or Cougar leather sofas.

The Clean Kit Plus includes 5 products:

Leather Cleaner: a water-based emulsion that removes light stains and general grubbiness from everyday use.
Leather Protector Plus: a cream used to protect the suppleness of the leather and help protect it from stains such as those from ballpoint pens.
Ink-off: a product specifically designed to remove any trace of pen stains.
A sponge
A cloth
Follow the instructions that come with the kit and enjoy your leather sofa for years to come.

It’s incredible the amount of stuff that collects in a sofa over time. Not only dust, but hair, food and mold among many other things. Your sofa might look clean, but if you were to open it up and look at the batting inside you might be quite surprised with what you find!

Leather doesn’t let dust mites go through its surface, you could even say it’s anti-allergen (a material that actively turns dust mites away or doesn’t let them go through the material) because it’s not a woven material like fabric is; it’s a solid piece of material that is stitched together.

The advantage of choosing Cierre is that you’re not just getting a leather sofa, you’re getting a top of the line, Italian leather sofa that is not only perfectly stitched for long term use, the cushions are filled with sterilized goose feathers that are both hypo-allergenic and comfy.

So, if you, or someone in your family has allergies caused by dust mites or pet dander, consider switching out your fabric sofa for a leather one. They are stylish, comfortable AND hypoallergenic! It’s a win-win for everyone in the family.

Leather is a material that, if of high quality as in Cierre’s case, ages well and tends to last a long time. In fact, it’s not an uncommon occurrence to find that the leather gets comfier and prettier as time goes by! Like a good wine or cheese, leather just gets better with time. You can be sure that a Cierre leather sofa will last your lifetime, and maybe even beyond it.

For us, one of the better things about leather is that it’s a very versatile material. It goes with everything and can fit with every style. It’s a material that can go modern, retro, classic or rustic. No matter what you are envisioning for you home, leather can help you achieve it.

So, whether you are looking for a couch for your family home or just for you, leather is a great choice if you are looking to invest in a piece of furniture that will stay with your for years to come. Leather is durable, versatile and has basically zero maintenance.